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Chris W.

Chris W.

Chris W.

Chris W.wrote a review of on March 20, 2009

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This is fabulous. I bought 2 sets. I use one set for my Camelbak 100 oz and the second set for my Platypus 100 oz. I have the quick-disconnect on my hydration bladder's hose just about 4" up from my mouthpiece. So, all I do is drop the input hose of my Katadyn Hiker PRO water filter into the creek (or water source) and I put the output hose of the water filter straight into my bladder and fill-er up!

I hike with anywhere from 5-20 people and I am the only one who doesn't have to take off my backpack and completely empty it to fill my hydration bladder. I just disconnect my mouthpiece and hook straight into the hose and it is awesome! I could literally fill up and be back on the trail in about 4-5 minutes (including getting the water filter out and putting it back up). But, because everyone else has to set their packs down & empty them, it takes about 20 minutes.

I love it!