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Terri H.

Terri H.

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Terri H.

Terri H.wrote a review of on June 11, 2012

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The zipper is the big problem. No matter how genlte you are with it, it catches. Even one night out camping , I needed to go to the rest room and i was in my hammock, I got stuck. It is very snug to begin with, which is generally ok since you are trying to stay warm, but when you need to go.. and your stuck cause the zipper wont move budge, you feel very panic and claustrophobic. I had to wait until someone got up to let me out. Same morning my boyfriend who has the guy version got the zipper stuck while trying to pack it up. My clasp to the stuff sack did not break but is weak and will not snap in place. It is very heavy so if you are hiking and trying to carry low weight as possible this isnt for you.