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Chris S.

Chris S.wrote a review of on June 13, 2012

Best in-class stove
4 5

I bought this stove as a replacement to a lost whisper light I bought 10 years ago, but soon after my purchase I got hooked on the concept of ultralight camping.. Being that the stove system (stove, wind screen, 11oz fuel bottle) weighs over 20oz, I was determined to find a lighter, simpler alternative.

I ended up buying a caldera sindwinder titanium tri-fuel stove system and fell in love with it instantly.. The stove fits into the pot and the entire system (pot, stove, fuel) weighs less than a pound. It boils water slower than the MSR, but I'll take the extra 5 minutes to enjoy the serenity around me over the sound of an F22 afterburner anyday. I know this shouldn't become a review for caldera, but I just want to let reviewers know that there are other options out there.

If simplicity, noise, weight, no mechanical parts to break, and fuel flexibility (alcohol, esbit, wood) are important to you, then I would steer towards the caldera

If you plan to do alot of cold/wet weather camping, cooking for larger groups (more than two or three), or simply want more flame adjustability for simmering/sautéing then the dragonfly is your stove.

I only gave the dragonfly 4 stars because it is an awesome/reliable stove, but as with anything with mechanical parts, things can break. I opted for simplicity over functionality and thats a decision you will also have to make.