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creighton_601438wrote a review of on January 23, 2012

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* BD updated their 01 next year with a six hole mounting pattern. Say, doesn't the Axl have a six hole...
* G3 finally came out with an active binding system for next year, and both the pivot and non-pivot have springs under the boot a la the Axl. The touring G3 binding also has 3 different positions. Hmmm...

This is my first full season on these bindings, and I absolutely love them. I skied the standard G3 for years and even skied the T9 on a Silvretta touring adapter because I was scared away from the 01's ripping rumors. As soon as I switched to Axl, I was a better telemarker. There is something to be said for an active binding system, and this is a gross understatement.

I have a great amount of respect for both BD and G3, but 22 Designs deserves some of your attention. The adjustable activity of the binding sets it above the 01 regardless of hole pattern, and the fact that G3 looks like they have a similar design speaks volumes.

I hesitated to give the Axl five stars for two reasons: one, they can probably lighten the design. Two, it would be nice if they revamped their heel piece. Sure it is super easy to snap up and put down (and I really appreciate that), but a second height option would really sweeten the deal.

Finally, these binding are both designed and MADE in the USA: that's a big deal!

PS If you ever read a review and factored your purchase upon it, you should add your two cents.




creighton_601438wrote a review of on March 15, 2011

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I took advantage of the spring time deals and mounted a pair of Axls to my 08-09 Black Diamond Verdicts (Black and Orange). The Axls are replacing a G3 Targa T9 on a Silvretta telemark adapter, and I've only ever skied G3 bindings. I've put off switching bindings for some time now, mostly because I believe in the mantra, "It's the skier, not the equipment," and I really, really liked the ease of the tele adapter's climbing bars/heel lift--not to mention that the only other pivot I was interested in was the BD 01, and I was all too aware of the ripped binding horror stories out there.
I've only skied the Axl one day at the resort, but I'm very happy with my decision. The biggest difference for me was that my "confidence factor" was greatly increased while skiing variable conditions or lumped-up "mash potatoes." I have yet to tour with them, but I'm honestly not all that worried about snow buildup or icing being an issue while transitioning the binding, being that I've gotten into the habit of clearing snow from the binding anyway (not that I ever had a problem with my original setup). Also, the spring-loaded climbing bar made pulling the trigger a little easier for me. Finally, it feels pretty-good supporting a small American company with an American-made product. (Here's to sticking it to some of the "Big Boys" out there!) I'll update again, should I have any issues.