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Enecieh  N.

Enecieh N.

Enecieh  N.

Enecieh N.wrote a review of on December 3, 2010

5 5

Very sharp looking, the pictures don't do it justice. The stitching is bada**. I'm 6'2" 170lb and wear the size M. It fits beautifully, the sleeves are a bit long but they sit up because of the spandex. Good as a base layer or just as a sweater over a t-shirt (good down to around 50-ish degrees by itself over a tshirt). The wool inner isn't bothersome or itchy at all. I'm not sure if I'd pay $100 for it but for $50 it's a no brainer.




Enecieh  N.

Enecieh N.wrote a review of on December 5, 2009

3 5

Got this off SAC for a killer deal. The first thing I noticed when I tried it on was that it was much thinner and lighter than I had anticipated, but in this case it's a good thing because the insulation is effective enough to make me question my bulkier jackets that don't keep me as warm. The jacket breathes pretty well too, I never feel like I'm overheating in it, it's always just about right. I was biking the other night in 30-something degree weather with just a t-shirt underneath and was perfectly fine. The pit-zips are also very cycling-friendly for when you heat up, great feature.Build quality is great, the fleece is super soft and is in the sleeves and hood as well, I like the TRON neon orange look a lot personally too. I'm 6'1" 165lbs and wear the Large, it fits perfectly. Haven't had a chance to test it out in the rain yet to see how waterproof it is, but will update when that happens.Only a couple minor issues: I wish the hand pockets were lined with the same fleece that the rest of the jacket is lined with, and I feel like the drawstring around the waist area should be a little more substantial. Again, nothing major, just small wishes.I guess another issue is that the jacket and fleece are cozy to the point where I start to fall asleep in it during my morning classes...

Update 1/20/10:

Put it through its first test in the rain...didn't do very well. After about a 10 minute walk in moderate/heavy rain my t-shirt got soaked across my shoulders and the hand pockets were soaked at the bottom. And once water permeates this jacket you're SCREWED...the fleece retains water like nobody's business. I tried to exchange up for the bombshell and was willing to pay the $30 extra for it, but BC wouldn't do it (probably because I got this off SAC). -2 Stars off 5 stars for subpar rain performance, I wouldn't call the jacket "highly water resistant" at all. And I live in California, if California rain can do this jacket in, I can't imagine putting it through rain in other states.