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Matthew C.

Matthew C.

Matthew C.

Matthew C.wrote a question about on April 30, 2012

My Dana Designs Terraplane has exceeded all expectations for the past 20 years. However, it's finally time for a new pack. I've got an unusually long torso for my height so the Bora sounds ideal. I have a few questions:
1. What is the best way to secure crampons to this pack? Assume I've got an ice axe secured to the pack as well. The daisy chains don't appear centered. Just go with axe on one side and crampons on the other and use other gear to create balance? Anyone had success centering the crampons on this pack?
2. As my Dana was exquisitely crafted pre-water bladder days this will be the first time I purchase a pack with a bladder pocket. What advice on bladder manufacturers / sizes / setups can you offer for use with Bora?

Many thanks!