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combfilterwrote a review of on July 19, 2011

best bang for the buck
5 5

I live in n.texas where we mostly have hard pack clay with loose moondust over it. These tires are fast and grip well. I run them with stans on both on the front and rear. I race with them too. If you like the specialized fast track, or maxxis icon, then you would like these. The ONLY complaint on these tires is that they are heavier than lets say the icon or racing ralph. If you are a weight weenie then you might want to look at something else.

I rolled on the 2.2 front and 2.0 rear. I ran them both on my 3" travel full squish and also on my SS hard tail. Awesome.
Also, most important is that the regular version will seal up first take with Stans. I ran both the regular and TNT versions on crest rims with stans. Very easy to seal up.

my current setup is a RR on front and one of these geax on the rear. Awesome rear tire.

- cheaper than most of the 29" tires
- fast rolling
- very puncture resistant.
- tough side walls even without the tnt versions
- corner well
- seal up with stans very easy

- weight

If they made a lighter version I would still run them on my front tire which is now a racing ralph.





combfilterwrote a review of on January 18, 2010

Great board not as stiff as people are making o ut
4 5

OK so I bought the carbon credit 153 and when it arrived it was pretty flexy. I also wasn't sure about the base holding up well so I didn't ride it. I went to a shop in tahoe and they gave me credit towards a Riders choice 154.5. Very cool of them. OK so the first thing I must say is that the RC is not near as stiff as others on here have said. I'd say it's stiffer than the carbon credit but not as much as the trice or even the trs.

Now about the btx stuff:
Magna traction: I rode in mostly packed and normal tahoe conditions the first 5 days. I'd say that you can semi feel the magna traction cut into the packed runs, but nothing like "omg this is life changing" I did detune the board a bit, and really didn't notice it just carving outstandingly. Yes it was better than my last years model burton custom, but nothing 550.00 worth life changing. It's not hard to get used to and something you should not worry about when making your purchase.

Now the Banana part: This is what I could feel the most. It took me a good 3 days to get used to it. It's very hard to explain how it works, but it's def. a bit different. For example, when turning toe side, I would notice the back end starting to drift out a bit, almost like it was sliding. I also noticed that when i hit little jumps/kickers that it's kind of different when it comes to popping off the lift.

Now , I did get to ride last thursday out in mott canyon and what not after the 12" dump over night. We were in such a rush to get out there that I didn't set my stance back so I was riding 50/50 split. It handled the powder the same as any other board I have had. Lean back and just ride. IT again is not just like life changing when it comes to powder. I kept reading about people saying it just floats this & that in powder, but if you know how to ride pow you should be floating in it anyways.

1. I love the flex on it. It's a perfect all mountain board
2. magnatraction seems a tad better than a normal cut but not ground breaking
3. it's not burton

1. heavy. This board is pretty heavy
2. price (I think you can find many boards that will perform this good for 350-400)
3. durabitliy. I see my nose already dinking up and I didn't hit anything at all
4. banana. I am not sold on it
5. hype behind it

last thing, I don't think you should bump down 3cm like a lot of people say you can with the btx. Ride your normal length.

also, have you ever noticed that anyone reviewing something they bought on here instantly think whatever they bought is the best? Well here's an honest review for once.

I am an intermediate to advanced rider. I mostly free ride and hit the green/chill parks from time to time. I do some small kickers but not those crazy 25' ones. I am a great powder rider and can handle any terrain. I am 5'9" @145lbs

Hope this helps you guys





combfilterwrote a review of on December 15, 2009

4 5

-fast roller
-very puncture resistant
-corners as good as a rear tire needs to
-decent grip for climbs (which is more technique than anything)

-tread pattern promotes speed over traction for braking, you have to give up something

Great North Texas tire which is basically moon dust over hard pack. running this on the rear with a racing ralph up front and working good.

I like over the kenda small block 8 i was running in the rear before. the sb8 is fast, but damn it sucks for braking and climbing..

for the money it's a great rear tire.




combfilterwrote a review of on November 6, 2009

1 5

Reading the reviews about these headphones on here makes not trust one review from any of the backcountry sites. These headphones are not even worth 5 bucks. They look cool i guess, and they do fold up small, but seriously these sound so thin its just insane. You are much better off just going to your electronics store and get any of the sony mdr headphones for like 10 bucks more. At least those bass.