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Chai M.

Chai M.

Chai M.

Chai M.wrote a review of on August 29, 2012

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Overall, I'd recommend this shoe for most uses (not high-end steep bouldering), subject to a few warnings (below).

I bought these for use on long alpine climbs on slabs and faces and was pleasantly surprised by their performance on overhangs at the gym. Most shoes slip off my heel when I hook (even for tight fits), but this one holds on better than I expected. Even though they stretched out quite a bit, they still do the job and allow me to climb anything from slab to slight overhangs at my limit.
They are very comfortable and I can stay in them for hours at a time.
Be aware that :
-They can get quite hot in the sun.
- They shed a lot of colour onto the skin. Expect your foot to come out red like a lobster. If you climb frequently it may not even come completely off between sessions (but I had two other red shoes in the past which behaved similarly, so I've come to expect that).

As for durability, I find La Sportiva rubber in general is not the most durable on the market (but I stick with this brand because it fits me better). I've used them pretty intensively outdoors (limestone most weekends, + a few trips to granite) and 3 times a week indoors, for slightly less than 3 months and they probably have at least another month in them, if not more.