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chris.buon683272wrote a review of on August 28, 2010

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I just feel like a clarification is needed here: the BD "_____light" tents are NOT NOT NOT designed for extended periods of rain or, really, any rain at all. They are superlight, supercramped bivy tents for high altitude alpine climbs where the only precip you'll get is snow, usually quite dry snow.

BD clearly states that the EPIC fabric is water resistant, not water proof. Don't be pissed at BD because you got all excited to go "ultralight", found a 3 pound tent, and then got wet because you didn't do your homework. These tents work perfectly for the narrow usage range for which they were designed; all the big boys and girls use them on their horror show climbs in the great ranges around the world. But none of them would take these tents backpacking with even the slightest chance of rain.

Read the fine print folks, lest you broadcast your foolishness across the web...