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Christiana H.

Christiana H.

Christiana H.

Christiana H.wrote a review of on April 16, 2011

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Have only used it twice, but already it has become the young upstart in my luggage collection. I feel like this is one of the few bags I've ever owned in which I can actually see inside the pockets when I unzip them. The linings are a silver material-not pitch black--like so many. This feature, In addition to increasing the durability and visibility of the inside of the bag, also makes it stand open nicely when you're packing it.
Pros: does fit in the overhead compartment. (not sure if it technically is supposed to, but if you don't pack it too tight, it's a squishable bag.
Two inner mesh pockets within the largest compartment. Nice for whatever u want to keep separated.
Yes a helmet does really fit in the end pockets.
's BIG!
And of course, looks f'n gnarly, as the Bf sez.
Cons: cumbersome to carry for more than through a terminal or two.
Not waterproof to 100 bar, and the padding on the strap is "meh" at best.