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charliewrote a review of on October 14, 2010

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Don't like them.... of ALL of my lockers i've used (am using) over the past 8 years of climbing - THIS is the only one that has given me trouble. i have 3 of them... 1 is an auto-locker - no problem with that one... the other 2, screw locks... problems.

1 of them the e-clip that keeps the screw-lock from falling too low on the biner body, fell off. It's a pain when the screw lock jams on the biner body.

the other consistently gets jammed from falling on it. the ONLY think i can figure is that when falling on the biner... it flexes the biner body thereby misaligning (i.e. jamming) the screw-lock threads when the gate is locked shut. I never tighten the lock ... just turn it to where it stops. no other biner i have has ever done this.... only the jake. and i've seen OTHER jakes do it as well.

the jake is now relegated to carrying my camera on my harness. lol