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Christopher H.

Christopher H.

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Christopher H.

Christopher H.wrote a review of on April 7, 2011

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The tent arrived quickly. The shipping form Backcountry was awesome.

Set it up last night in the yard and per the other posts on this tent, I bent both poles when erecting the tent. The bends are likely not catastrophic (yet), but I am disappointed that this seems to be a common ailment for what looks to be a really nice tent. I don't even mind the bent poles so much as long as they all fold up nice and get back in the bag, but it bothers me the replacement poles are $100. They are aluminum poles. Why isn't a replacement set more like $20+S&H? If these poles end up breaking I will return the entire tent back to Backcountry for a replacement tent, but why even go through the hassle? Unless the cost of the replacement poles comes down significantly, I'd stay away from this tent and the hassle. Don't get me wrong. It is a nice tent. Very roomy, easy to erect, etc., but after spending $500 I'd like to think I am entitled to a little construction quality. The bending poles is just gross oversight on the part of Marmot. Drop the price of replacement poles Marmot or at least send free replacements to those of us that bent them on the first erection of the tent. At this point (after first erection) I am not a strong reference for your products.

Chris H., Gilbert, AZ.