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Chad R.

Chad R.wrote a review of on March 22, 2011

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i was saving up for this for over two years for this tent, when i finally got the courage and decided to to invest in this thing words could not describe how excited i was. Two days later i received it in the mail, i practically sprinted to my friends house to open the package. when i opened it up and laid it all out on the floor and saw this sweet looking green tent. very soon after i tried setting it up . First i was disappointed on how and were the poles were inserted on the floor of the tent, then i was disappointed about the paper thin clips inside the tent that were designed to hold the pols in place, third i was extremely disappointed when it took practically 3 grown men to get the ahwahning pole inserted. finally 35 min later i had the tent set up. iv set one one or two tents in my day and iv never have as much trouble as i did setting this thing up and it still was not 100 %. i figured that if i was in 15 degree weather and in an emergency i would have frozen to death twice before i could be able to set this thing up. not the mention that after all this disappointment and frustration when i tried to get the ahwahning pole out i broke the pole in half slicing the top of the tent and practically destroying it. by the end of all this i was practically in tears lol. im still upset about it. i really think that this tent has the design and potential to be a fantastic tent but its just to poorly flawed in to many ways. i called back country and they did not give me a hard time about returning it which was nice but if someone were to ask me if getting this tent was a good idea i would have to say NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!



Chad R.

Chad R.wrote a question about on March 12, 2011

I herd that this tent has had a problem with leaking water over time, and also a problem with the eyelets. have these problems been fixed ? i really want a four season tent but im having a hard time finding one thats not going to suffocate me in the summer, this tent seems like its perfect but im worried that illl have these problems. i don't want to invest that kind of money into a tent that might leek just after a few trips. if im wrong please let me know because i really like this tent but a little concerned about these few issues.