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cha3688034-0wrote a review of on March 31, 2011

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I'd been pondering a pair of step in bindings for some time, doing the research, checking the reviews , etc. I'm an industrial designer/product engineer so I tend to be attracted to details (good and bad) of items that many people don't take into consideration, because for me it's function BEFORE form for things that need to PERFORM well.

These bindings KICK ASS! They look and feel just as solid, if not more as conventional bindings. The only initial concern I had was the cable system and any play from stretch/break-in, or wear to the adjacent connecting parts due to the cable. No worries though, after riding for a week straight through every condition possible I clearly see that Flows are an extremely well designed piece of gear. Solid and efficient in function and design.

It does take a few runs to dial in the desired fit, comfort level, and ease of clip-in/out. But afterward, the convenience alone is worth the switch, and the comfort (no pinky toe pinch, pressure points, or sleeping feet) is extra icing on the cake! Combine them with a BOA equipped boot and it's pure ecstasy! Can't understand why I don't see more of these on the slopes, it's a no brainer.

I'll never put my foot in another conventional binding!