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censesfailwrote a review of on April 27, 2007

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I love my scout ( I have the gun-metal color) and I have to stay this watch is super strong yet it feels so light on the wrist. When I walking to class.. some moron slam the door open and it hit my scout really hard but nothing happened besides for the fact that it developed into a small scratch. I have to stay the watch looks so nice- even though it is so simple, the watch is beautifully made. I love my Nixon and I'm glad i spent 65 bucks for one hell of a watch.

During the summer the nylon gets ALITTLE sweaty..not as bad as other watches or watches with leather bands. It doesnt bother me at all either.. maybe b/c I live in California...

Anyways, Nixon makes quality goods and I would recommend anyone to get this watch.. Its so gorgeous and super durable and so so awesome!!