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Craig D.

Craig D.wrote a review of on January 4, 2010

Xtreme "No WINTER" water gloves
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These Xtreme Frostbite water gloves will leave your fingers cold, expectations bruised, and your wallet thin. I think when a company makes a claim like "Xtreme and All weather" they should deliver a glove that holds up to all weather without the use of a liner glove (keep in mind these are $50 gloves). These ARE very water proof, no gripe there. However, you wear these gloves in snow or a chilly wind and your fingers will immediately be it's victim. Do not be fooled by the price point these gloves are not a superior product. These are a 3 season backpacking ultralite, rain proof glove... which is how I intend to use them and in that parameter I think it's a good glove. But the idea that this glove is "all weather" is laughable and should be $25. GOOD: 3-season ulite backpacking as a slightly warmer alternative to liners, these will be perfect for precip gloves....BAD: does NOT hold up to low temp winds or snow. Let's call it like it is Seirus.