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New York and Baltimore M.D.

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When i was a kid i used to go hiking in the catskills with my grandfather and was so let down when he used to shy away from the sheer rocks and ....... all the kewl stuff youd see on T.V. you know ice axes crampons and snow shoes if not skis. I like the climb but what really makes my clock tick is that deep dark hole in the middle of nowhere that goes somewhere!!!!
Yhea if youve ever peered down into one of those in New York State chances are if you look hard enuff you'll find my foot prints. I also like to climb buildings how orrigional


carminewrote a review of on May 15, 2007

4 5

I liked the stop descender it has pretty kewl features it has a stop latch and can hook onto a biner or snap onto a rope with ease. functionality of this piece of equipment seems flawless and i liked the lil diagram stamped into the side plate. always good to have a quick reference! as far as flaws there where a few things a didn't like. first i couldn't draw rope through the devise in reverse even after releasing all tension. the second is a fatal flaw if used with a biner and for some reason you must make an assent other biners attached to the harness can contact the locking devise creating a potentially dangerous situation. best bet always test your rig and work out bugs at low altitudes.