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carldwrote a review of on June 29, 2006

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I used the Air Tech Light Crampons climbing Mt. Hood and Mt. Shasta June 2006. They worked great. They have shorter, wider, and less sharp spikes, making them easier to carry and walk in and less likely to catch a gaiter, damage your rope, or poke you while handling them. The New-Matic fit works the same as the steel crampons, providing a solid fit. We climbed at night, and the ice was frozen nieve with rime ice near the summits, and they worked well front pointing the steeper sections on Mt. Hood. They don't seem as sharp as their steel counter parts, but I feel they would work well on water ice. While descending Shasta from Lake Helen in the blazing sun, they didn't ball up, partly due to the new anti-ball tubes covering the rail between the toe and heal sections. These will be my first and possibly only crampon choice.