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Shirlee A.

Shirlee A.

Salt Lake City Baby!

Shirlee A.'s Bio

I am all about rockin out! Whenever I can be climbing, I am. I am a single male specimen and love it. Working at as of right this morning. I try to be a good animal and respect my favorite planet; earth.

Shirlee A.

Shirlee A.wrote a review of on August 11, 2011

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I've been wearing this shoe for over a year now and they surprisingly show very little sign of wearing. All stitching is still intact after countless hairy approaches to the crag, all season trail running, and a few slips into the river followed by hours of hiking in a wet shoe. These are amazingly water resistant up to the top of the laces. I've been really impressed with how versatile these are as I've chosen them for summer outings in 100 degree heat, and casual winter jaunts through snow and slush. The soles offer great traction up and down steep hills and makes you much more confident in sketchy terrain.