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cameron gwrote a review of on September 30, 2011

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Used a brand new Hubba hubba alongside a REI Halfdome on a recent 3 night trip in the Minarets area of the Sierra. Rain every night with snow at higher elevations (meaning it was chilly and high humidity). The Hubba Hubba had the worst condensation of any tent I've ever owned (and this includes 40 years experience with a couple other REI tents, North Face Dome, Moss 2 man, etc). By comparison, the Halfdome was damp on the fly, but not dripping condensation onto the occupants or bags. The big difference is the Halfdome has vents and I suspect that kept the condensation down. No amount of tugging or re-rigging seemed to help the Hubba Hubba. Getting in/out of the tent, we got drenched by the condensation on the fly wings. I was sufficiently dissatisfied, I returned the tent. Caveat emptor!