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cal5538283-0wrote a review of on April 12, 2012

Great Pack !  Well designed
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The Kelty Redwing 50 has fifty liters of space and is a well designed pack. By the way the pack comes in two sizes. I like it for hikes as well as for travel and I especially like it for an emergency preparedness or “72 Hour Kit” Backpack. Lots of ways to organize your gear; compression straps, loops, pockets, side pockets, sleeves , mesh pockets, storage sleeves, and an interior strap and a hook ( good place for my car keys ) . There is a row of daisy chain loops on the bottom to attach things to. This way you can clip or tie on something like a sleeping pad or attach something wet to dry while you are walking. There are two features to help cool you off; a venting panel and the airflow design.
My favorite part of this pack is the panel or full pack access zippers it is very convenient and much easier to quickly locate any piece of gear you need.
There is a hydration sleeve so u can have 24-7 water access ( with a water bladder placed inside ). By the way I don’t recommend that you carry a regular water bottle inside your pack for your days water source, because I can almost guarantee that you will not drink enough water doing that. Instead, get a “hydration compatible backpack” like this and keep drinking water through the tube as you hike or walk. Especially if its hot outside and or you are hiking long distances.
This pack has an internal type frame for support and an adjustable sternum strap as well as an excellent waist strap that you can adjust in about 3 seconds or even remove and place it back on later. The very light aluminum bar, sternum strap and waist strap literally help distribute the weight and take the load off. FYI when you load gear into almost any backpack for best results the heavier items should be loaded towards the middle of the pack or higher up ( depends on the individual and what pack ). Also load the heavy items close to the inside part of the pack by the shoulder straps that is nearest to your back.
Kelty gives a lifetime guarantee on these Redwing backpacks and I wanted to see how tough this pack is. I won’t recommend any gear unless I own it and use it and try it out myself. I tested this Redwing with; different gear loads, walking, hiking, running up and down stairs with it, etc. I also wanted to test its toughness so I loaded up the pack with mostly non-breakable gear and threw it down two flights of stairs. Then I threw it really hard out of a second story window ( I don’t recommend that others try this crazy test ) I didn’t find any damage anywhere. These packs are a great way to organize your gear and seem to be very durable.