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GT C.wrote a review of on January 13, 2012

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This is another great Camp Chef product. Cooks just like a household range. I've baked everything from brownies to pork roast in the oven and it ALL turned out perfect. The burners are easy to control and simmer as well as heat up fast for frying or boiling. I have used one pound canisters as well as a bulk tank with a Camp Chef supply hose to fuel the stove and both work very well. If you are going to be in the woods or mountains for more then a day or two and want to enhance your time there with something more than roasted wieners over a camp fire or freeze dried space food hydrated with water you heat with your Jetboil then get this! If you can't really cook at home please move along and don't waste your time or money with this sweet piece of gear until you learn some culinary basics. This unit will compliment the proficient and elevate the connoisseur to new levels of tasty wilderness cuisine. The one and only thing I do differently when baking with this oven is to rotate the roasting pan, muffin tin, or cookie sheet, 180 degrees half way through the allotted cooking time... but that is just precautionary and only done to insure everything is perfectly cooked.