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Brendan M.

Brendan M.

Brendan M.

Brendan M.wrote a review of on July 27, 2012

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I first used these draws when a friend of mine brought his on a sport climbing trip - and I swore that day that I'd get some. They're some of the lightest, trimmest draws I've ever used. The gate action works well and the slightly longer dogbones (on the 7 in variety) are enough to keep the rope moving on climbs that wander a bit. I've always been a pretty staunch fan of wire gates, if you're like me you'll have a hard time finding better draws than these for the price.

The only complaint I have is the dogbone. The Inferno dogbone is a bit floppy and sometimes tends to rotate, especially when the quickdraw contacts some feature on the rock. Its mute color and slender profile means that it will sometimes be pretty stealthy in doing so, too. I back-clipped for pretty much the first time ever when using these kids because I didn't see that the bottom draw had flipped around. This isn't a huge deal once you've trained yourself to spot it, but it's bound to piss you off at least once.