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RC D.wrote a review of on January 9, 2009

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This is my 2nd thermos of this type. My girl friend's dog chewed part of the inner plastic and although it can still be used, and the part can be replaced, I went for a new container altogether.
When I go to my regular morning coffee-hangout, 7:30 AM, I use my "mug" there, save ten cents and keep my coffee warmer while I am there. When I leave around 9:AM, with a refill, I often (still) have warm coffee at 1:00 PM. The damn thing is just the best- performs well, nice design and color choices and is very rugged - unless there is a coffee loving hound around. I also purchased the 2nd one for $6 less than the first (which I bought in a retail outlet), got free shipping and no tax!
BRAVO STANLEY! BRAVO Backcountry! bob d