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Chris O.

Chris O.

Chris O.

Chris O.wrote a review of on March 16, 2012

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So I bought these and finally got to use them last weekend, The gloves combined with the liners are extremely warm, much warmer than my other winter gloves. When I first put them on they were somewhat rigid and stuff but after a couple of hours of use that was notably better so I wouldn't even worry about it past day 1 or 2.

The only thing I'm concerned about it how durable the eTip liners will be - brand new, just out of bag they looked a bit tattered and worn.

Also the eTip itself - it does work but you have to twist the finger tip a bit to use your phone / device successfully. They could have designed the tips better - if the people designing the product got out on the slopes and used the eTips in real life I think they could put the finishing touches on the eTips and make them work REALLY well and not just well.