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Benjamin W.wrote a review of on October 11, 2011

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Bear canisters are a pain in the bearbehind but are the price to pay for years of us going into the backcountry and bears getting habituated to us as a source of food. So use one, it may save your food and it will keep Yogi from getting habituated, aggressive, and eventually having to be removed or killed.

If you have trouble opening it, there is a trick where you use a credit card, knife, spoon or other thin object to guide the tabs past the locking stop. This works even below freezing when the plastic is stiffer. Watch this video:

Sometimes when the lid is difficult to turn, it's because you overpacked it and the ribs on the underside of the lid are catching on your food.

It's not as simple or foolproof as the Garcia but has some offsetting advantages.

One reason that all canisters are so big and bulky and have no attachment points for straps is so bears can't pick them up or get them in their mouths to carry off, or get leverage to bash them against rocks.