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Kara T.

Kara T.

Kara T.

Kara T.wrote a review of on April 3, 2011

5 5

This board is unreal. It's like a dream come true for me! I got the 149cm and I'm about 5'4" and it suits me just fine :) It's great for hittin' some rails and jibs along with ridin' on the big mountains. I just got back from the Austrian Alps and it handled great! Ice or slush..... no problem. Great response in all conditions. The grip I felt on the icy sh** was unreal. The flex is ideal for me and the presses and ollies I'm tryin' to do. Not to mention the killer graphics on this baby. Also it part of the B4BC (boarding 4 breast cancer) which is a great foundation to support. All in all, this board is BADASS! I'd say, if you're lookin for a new board to go along with your ever increasing and new found skills or if you're just lookin for a straight upgrade this is THE board.

Keep on ridin,