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benwrote a review of on March 23, 2009

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IMO Burton is one of the only manufacturers to have dialed a sidecut that works well with wider-waisted snowboards. For a wide deck, it's surprisingly fast edge to edge and flat out charges down the fall line - even when I neglect to keep her waxed.

This deck is a good time in the pipe and will solidly set down landings on the Breck Freeway triple line. Don't buy this board thinking it's a true all around that's going to press through rails and boxes - it was never built with that sort of flex in mind and won't respond as such no matter how hard you try.

If you're more of an all mountain rider who'd prefer to search out stashes, look for natural obstacles and throw some slashes that will get you into the white room, this is a worthwhile deck to pick up if not somewhat over priced. The board excels in the air when lapping the pipe or jump lines, but you should look elsewhere if jibbing is your thing.

You should have some margin of skill before shelling out for this high end deck. If you're a beginner, the Custom X is not forgiving and will most likely hinder your progress at honing your shred skills. If you're comfortable hauling ass around the mountain and like really standing on your edges when you're turning, she rarely washes out and will stand up to a fair bit of abuse. The shape is well adapted to riding deep snow and the added width gets you a little extra float. Again, the sidecut is worth noting. If you've spent too much time on wide boards that turn like 2x4's the Custom X will pleasantly change your outlook on having big feet.