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Lena L.

Lena L.

Lena L.

Lena L.wrote a review of on September 23, 2011

5 5

This pack's great if you don't need to carry much. A couple articles of clothing, a bottle or two, some accessories, and yes, a board (skate or snow).

I should note that if you carry a skateboard, your grip tape will probably scuff up the fabric of the backpack. Also, this thing can only hold 2, maybe 3 normal school-sized textbooks. It's very flat.

After I got out of college, I take this with me to work as a schoolteacher. It's holding a 17" laptop (very tight fit, but my comp's huge anyway), a water bottle, tupperware of lunch, and a sweater.

AWESOME hidden little zipper on the left backpack strap.