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Tahoe and the Sierras

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Using my gear for Ski/Snowboard Patrolling, SAR, and Mountain Rescue.


beavwrote a review of on January 10, 2012

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I have these on my Marker Tour F12 bindings and they work great. You will be surprised how large they are, but when they sink into the hard snow you will be stoked. I never use them around town but they are great to have when doing mountains, due to their old snow.

The size chart that comes with it says what each size crampon will fit different ski widths.

H002G1A Crampon 113mm fits a max 106mm ski
H001G1A Crampon 92mm fits a max 94mm ski
H003K1A Crampon 82mm fits a max 74mm ski

It looks like those of you with skis wider than 106mm are out of luck. Marker probably thought that only a few people skin up ice and hard pack with fat skis.