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Brett D.

Brett D.

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Brett D.

Brett D.wrote a review of on June 16, 2008

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Bought the Targas to ride with my Never Summer Premier T5.

First thing that struck me when I ordered them was value for money. When they finally arrived things that struck me were - shedload of adjustments and a shedload of bling. Now I don't like bling, so I was glad I grabbed the 'lower key' black colour scheme and once I'd pulled apart and rebuilt them, I had a good handle on them for once the fun began.

I rode them for three weeks solid in Japan, for my preferred style of riding - flat strap with plenty hard carving, and my board, they suited well. Hanging out in the park, pants around knees, binding maybe not so suitable.

Main components held up well, fun to make some small adjustments and test performance each day, nice and comfortable, toe-cap or over-toe option was nice, my only complaint was simply cosmetic. The faux leather over-straps which strap ends slide into as binding is tightened, rapidly wore on my rear foot from stiff plastic catching when cranking binding in very cold or very excited states. Broke within a week or so, nothing major but a more robust fitting could be expected on an otherwise tough peice of hardware.

Overall - good price, superb features, stiff binding that does it's job nicely, happy to crank up and lean onto the front leg sometime soon.