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bdwrote a review of on May 19, 2011

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First off, I have gone through 4 pairs of the Wildcats and really like them. They are my go to shoe. I decided to try these and see how well they preformed.

First impressions - much smaller than the Wildcats and noticeably heavier. I like my Wildcats a bit roomy and to get the same kind of fit in these shoes I needed to go up a full size.

Took them out on a 30 mile run and here were my impressions:

They are really comfortable and not quite a soft/spongy as the Wildcats. I like the new Morphodynamic sole. Works great on dry/rocky/technical terrain. Terrible on snow and not so great in mud, but then again, what trial shoe really is unless they have huge lugs.
The fit is a bit more aggressive than the Wildcats and not quite as roomy in the toe box. They are no where near as breathable as the Wildcats as well. This is really disappointing.

Pros - Great Morphodynamic sole, super comfy. If you have a narrow foot that doesn't sweat a lot, these are great.
Cons - HEAVY and don't breathe well.

If they put the Wildcat upper on these soles and got rid of 1/2 the heel to toe drop, these shoes would be prefect. They are kind of like a super scaled down version of the Hoka's.

Good training shoe, but I doubt I'll wear them for more than 20 mile runs.