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barleywrote a review of on April 1, 2011

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I loved this board, and the new bindings I had just put on it. On the best day of the season, 11" fresh powder, some low-life stole my feelgood at lunch at Keystone resort. The thief left THEIR feelgood (exact same board, cheaper bindings, had a stomp pad) for me. The worst part of it is that Keystone ski patrol took that board (because technically it wasn't mine) and made me walk out. Again, best snow day of the season. Not even a "sorry." And when I called "lost and found" where they had allegedly taken it, it was "missing." So, twice ripped off and lied to in a day.

- don't go to Keystone. Employees and some patrons are pretty low life. (I have heard of many such experiences others have had at this resort)

- lock your board.