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Shelley  H.

Shelley H.wrote a review of on August 7, 2008

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I bought this cover for a trip to the Yukon Territory where I didn't know exaclty what our sleeping conditions would be. I get cold very easily (we're talking frozen to the bone when the temp is right at freezing in a bag rated for 0). Point is, I'm a complete wuss in the cold and was worried about freezing, and getting my bag wet and dirty. I only used this cover a couple of times, and the first time I pulled it out of the stuff sack, I admit I was afraid of not being able to get all that material back into that tiny space (it was NO problem), it not only kept my bag clean and dry, but also added a little bit of warmth-exaclty what I wanted. I highly recommend this cover, but like the other reviewer posted, it is probably best if you are sleeping in a tent, since there is nothing to cover your face.