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Ashley H.

Ashley H.

Ashley H.

Ashley H.wrote a review of on February 1, 2015

Decent but not perfect
4 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

This is a review of the black/jade prizm lens. A quick about me - I have a tiny itty bitty face and most goggles are too big on me (my hat size is a 6.75 and I'm a women's small in helmets), but kids is too small. I also have super sensitive eyes and prefer a darker lens. I also own an old pair of Oakley A frames (blue iridium), Electric eg2.5 (bronze silver mirror), and some random pair of cheap smiths (blue sensor).

The good:
- Definitely can see better in lower light conditions, there's more contrast IMO than the smith blue sensor lens and it's slightly darker - a good thing to me because the sensor lenses were too light and even in low light the snow was blinding to me. Noticeably more contrast than all of my other goggles in flat light/low light/storm conditions. Didn't test in sunshine, but I assume it's nice for a partly cloudy day too.
-really excellent when it's snowing, but I can only compare it to the smith blue sensor lens.

The bad:
-only a slightly better fit than my electrics - it's a bit smaller, but it still fits uncomfortably on my sinuses and pinches my nose. I prefer the fit of my electrics.
- fogged up today, but it was also negative outside and I think the temperature played a part. Otherwise I haven't had fogging problems with any of my goggles except for the smiths, which suck.

The ugly:
- the depth of field BLOWS with this goggle. Total tunnel vision and I don't get it - my electrics have some of the best field of vision and they're comparable in size and fit. These are the worst of my goggles in that regard.

Should you buy it: that depends. Try on the crowbars first - if they fit get those for the depth of field alone. But if you must get a tiny goggle, these are alright. I'm on the fence about returning them but I do like the lens, I'm considering swapping them for crowbars. As for the lens, if that's the main draw for you I don't know if it's worth the price tag - it is an improvement but if you're happy with what you have id skip it and wait until they come out with x Ray vision goggles lol.

Ultimately to sum it up it's still not the perfect goggle I've been dreaming about - one that fits perfect, has excellent field of vision, and is great in low light. Strongly considering getting a low light lens for my electrics and saving the $130.

Also, my helmet is a k2 rival - both these and my electrics fit it nicely. I tried on the anon wm1, the smith i/o and I/os, another pair of electrics (egb2?), and the crowbars. Of those, the electrics and the oakleys fit this helmet, the anon and smith did not fit well.



Ashley H.

Ashley H.wrote a question about on January 18, 2015

What lens choice is better for flat light/storm conditions/works ok at night? I'm buying the oakley elevates with the jade prizm lenses and I would like to buy a low light lens as a spare - I'm thinking of either the hi yellow, hi persimmon, or prizm rose? Clear is out of the picture, I don't ride at night too often and it wouldn't be good for daytime.

i ride on the east coast so no need for lenses for bright light - we don't really get it.

Also, I have a pair of smiths with the blue sensor lenses and I'm one of the few who hates them. I see absolutely zero contrast with them... I think my eyes are sensitive to bright light even in flat light conditions.