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arthursmommawrote a review of on August 26, 2009

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I bought a pair of Del Mars last summer and loved them because they were very comfy and they had a bit of a lift (I'm short!). A few weeks ago my husband & I were on an RV trip out west, and while in Boise, ID, we had some issue with the RV in a parking lot. I had taken off my flip flops and they were on the stairwell.
Long down the road further we stopped and I went to get out, putting on my sandals; there was only ONE! He had kicked the mate out the door and it was stranded in the parking lot back in Boise. I yelped that my flip flop was GONE and he replied, "I did see a brown flip flop under the RV in that parking lot." So I got online that night and found them here at; ordered them up and had them delivered to our destination in Eugene, OR. YAY!
(I kept the extra left over, just in case it happens again....)