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Nebraska, Colorado and Texas

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I'm a 20 year military vet who likes to enjoy the outdoors. Fishing, tracking and hunting small game (rabbits) are my passions but, I am going to start turkey and deer hunting in 2011. I believe the Old Girl provides life sustaining food. I also believe in the responsible, respectful partaking of such gifts. Honoring everything She gives me is important to me. Still, I am just as happy getting away from everyone for longer than a few days and just being in awe of the Old Girl. I prefer to be out there for at least a week using bare minimums in most equipment. My philosophy is if you want to go camping why use an RV? You might as well chill in a motel if you're gonna do that.


annabellewrote a review of on June 27, 2011

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I have used both sizes of these easy to cook/clean titanium pots. They are phenomenal! They are light weight, easy to clean, fast boiling and have the ability to be used as a double boiler (frying pan on top of pot). This means i have used the heck outta these things for a myriad of meals. Not only is their weight negligible, they can be used to store stove/utensils/spices while not in use. Being titanium you can prepare meals with salt and acid (spicy pepper/tomato,etc) and know there will be no leeching of the titanium into the food. You can't say that with aluminum. Also, by not having a coating inside the cookware (like Teflon) you won't have off gassing or leeching of the chemical coating either. Are they more expensive than aluminum? Sure. Are they safer than bare aluminum or coated lightweight cookware? HECK YEAH!!! I wish I had these when I was in the Army out in the field. I would have been able to cook my own meals safely. For those who use wood stoves I recommend either making your own coffee can type stove WITH THE BOTTOM STILL ON or using the metal top of a coffee can lid that has been removed. Place it on top of the stove and then place your cookware on top of that. It takes a tad bit longer to boil/fry your meal but, it helps to minimize any soot that may collect on your cookware. It does work. I've used the G.I. aluminum canteen cup to boil water using both this method and placing the cup on a hot surface (engine manifold of a 5 ton truck/6k gallon refueling truck). Stuff gets done it just may take a minute or 2 longer than the direct flame method. If ya can't wait a minute or 2 more for your meal to be ready then ya shouldn't be backpacking/camping:)

p.s. as with any hot metal object use some type of insulation between you and the handles. they do get hot!!! simple cloth gloves work well. i use dirt bike gloves for this. if you want to clean your cookware and have had a meat greasy meal but, you either don't have or don't want to use dish soap use the ashes of a wood fire (+a few hot coals) and mix it with water. the animal grease will mix with the ashes for a crude lye soap paste. make sure you wash the heck outta it though!

fyi: The 47 oz is the 1400 and the 30 oz is the 900. Both have measuring amounts on the inside and outside of the pots. Very handy!