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andrewwrote a review of on April 17, 2012

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Saw some really good reviews here so I got it, but after two uses I'm pretty disappointed. As it tent it works fine, but there are just too many small, annoying design flaws that really bug me. Like:

-It has all the hassle of a 3-pole tent but without the convenience of each pole all being separate... since all three are connected by weird plastic rings set up is a pain.
-The pole design don't create much/any lateral tension so it's really hard (impossible?) to get the tent itself taut horizontally.
-The rain fly zipper snags on the material literally every time open or close it.
-There are two zippers on each side of the rain fly... why? I go to unzip the flap only to find I've just closed it again with the second zipper.
-The rain fly, especially when wet, flaps down on top of the entryway... there's no way to get in without rubbing against it and getting wet.
-The zipper on the tent door is hard/awkward to reach from outside of the tent.
- The rain fly doesn't stake out well, so the fly rests against the walls of the tent when it gets wet and prevents airflow to cycle out condensation... making the inside of the tent wet too. (Is this an issue with all Marmot tents? I got this one because of the same issue with the Nyx.)
-The footprint isn't big enough and doesn't secure to the tent itself well.

This was the last Marmot tent I'm getting.