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Andrea S.

Andrea S.

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Andrea S.

Andrea S.wrote a review of on May 16, 2012

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I am not a savvy user, backpacker or otherwise outdoors knowledgeable. I just wanted a backpack that I could use on my new bike that was brightly colored enough that cars wouldn't hit me on the road... I cry for road kill, including potentially myself. A friend of mine who regularly bicycles 80 miles in a day had me get the right kind of bike lights, but he said that what one wears on the bike is the most important thing for being visible. I think this one, which is 2 colors of burnt orange with attractive lime green and black details, is bright enough. I see the orange one isn't on the page anymore, but the red one looks as bright my orange one... or perhaps the light blue, which I see also has a nice color combination in a similar style to mine.
The pack is STUNNING. I love the pockets including the little ones inside the main compartment which hold a couple pens, a cell phone pocket with velcro tab closure, a few other smaller pockets and a bigger one with tab closure that looks like it would be the size to hold a pad of paper, or even an iPad, although it is up against your back and not padded. The big main compartment is big enough for rain gear, pocket book, camera bag.... It would probably hold my down coat in winter if I were that brave to go out at that time. (If I didn't mind the weight I could probably get my husband in there.)
I had no idea when I bought the pack what the 1.8oz weight would feel like, and there were other packs at the sight that were lighter, but I can tell you as a person who is not strong, it feels plenty light to me.
This is one pretty pack, and my friends on the road in my small town will definitely swerve around me with this thing on, even though they won't recognize me on a bicycle.
I do have one odd negative on this pack for me. In terms of how it fits, the back straps are thick and somewhat stiff, and are made in part with a rough material, and when the pack is on my back, they rub my neck a bit with the rough fabric. Not too badly though and I will keep the pack. I am narrow shouldered, so perhaps it is just how it fits on me. Maybe it was made this way for some kind of functionality that I’m not aware of. But I just think of it a kind of loofah that rubs the skin, and consider the exfoliation effect as part of the good health experience in my new bicycle life. I did spend days looking far and wide (from my desktop that is) for a bright, stylish, very light weight, backpack that could carry quite a bit of stuff, and this was the best that I found, and the price was right, so I'm sticking with it.