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Andrew P.

Andrew P.wrote a review of on April 1, 2012

4 5

This is a very good tent with one minor thing that could be slightly improved in my opinion. On the plus side, it is very light, easy to assemble, and seems to do fine in the rain (have not used in heavy, prolonged rain as one reviewer seems to have done and given a lower rating). With all of the flaps down, I've had it in pretty heavy winds and it feels very stable. The cross rod gives you a little more space when sitting up, and makes it feel fairly spacious for a 2 person tent.

There is some condensation buildup, but it has been fairly minor even in heavier humidity. The two side vestibules can be folded out of the way to give it a little more cross-ventilation to help prevent this if there is a breeze, but the hooks that hold back the flaps could have been placed better to keep the flaps fully out of the way and allow for a little more airflow, so this is the one design element I would change.

Overall, a great 2 person tent.