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Alon K.

Alon K.

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Alon K.

Alon K.wrote a review of on July 3, 2012

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Bought the Fly Creek 2 Platinum, Copper Spur 1, and MH SuperMega UL 2 for a side by side comparison to choose my solo ultra light tent. All the tents were great and well designed each with pros and cons. Fly Creek was the lightest and most ventilated, however, it was the most expensive plus the fact that the back corners of the tent need to be staked out to be usable was what prevented me from keeping it. The Copper Spur had the largest vestibule and the side entrance was the most user friendly, however, it was the heaviest of the three and being a one person tent did not have as much room to spread out inside for yourself and gear. The SuperMega was priced and weighed in the middle with plenty of ventilation - just right for me with plenty of space for one person. As an aside, do not think of buying an UL 2 person tent and reasonably expect to sleep two people in there unless the second is a child.