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Colorado, Utah, California, Alaska

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I ride bikes. I go backpacking for days on end; through snow, rain, sun, you name it. I need gear that can hold up to my standards - and Backcountry is the place to go. I do product reviews as well here


alexwrote a review of on November 11, 2009

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I've long been a fan of Oakley's products, not only do they make excellent optics (I'm such a fan I own 5 pairs of shades and a pair of moto goggles), but their clothing and backpacks reflect that excellent quality as well. The Kitchen Sink backpack is the most comfortable and durable computer-capable backpack I've come across (and it's huge!). I bought one of their snowboard coats a couple of years back, removable snow skirt, removable hood, all kinds of sweet features with Thinsulate, fleece in the right places, and pit zips!

After getting the coat and being more than stoked about all of its features, but not being able to get the full benefit of the snow skirt - with just regular snow pants the skirt slides off without too much effort and leaves your backside exposed to a little bit of... unpleasentness. Oakley has a nifty little system where under each of the belt loops, there is a snap that the skirt attaches securely to, making a tight fit to keep you cozy when you take a digger into several feet of snow.

Not only do these pants offer compatibility for the skirt snap pow system, but they have a big roomy pocket on each thigh, big ol' vents on the front of the thigh and inside to the knee - a huge improvement over my old Columbia Convert pants. In addition, it has your regular front and back pockets for cell phone, wallet, keys, whatever; but all of them are zip-access, with water-resistant zippers. The boot gator (boot skirt?) also has features to prevent the inevitable: as many people have learned, snow pants leg openings are HUGE, and tend to drag under shoes and boots, which makes them ratty and a pain - which is exactly why Oakley introduced a no-drag snap, that secures the back of the pant leg about 6" or 8" up at the top of the boot gator and keeps it from dragging!! What brilliance!!