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Alexandra M.

Alexandra M.

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Alexandra M.

Alexandra M.wrote a review of on October 26, 2011

Beautiful Pack-Just Too Dang Big
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I spent the last year living out of the Bora 80 while traveling around New Zealand. The bag was both my mobile home and steady tramping partner. Let's just say it was a year of love. Unfortunately, our relationship was flawed from the beginning. The vertical frame design combined with the volume of the pack just straight up didn't fit my body. I'm about 5'7", fairly fit, and as far as i know, have no spectacular superficial oddities. It didn't matter if the pack was stuffed to the gills or only held a few strategic items, it towered over my head, pulled backwards from me and distributed the weight onto my tailbone/lower back. Hiking up hill was a b%@#h, let me tell you. I tried anything and everything to make it work. At the time, I was working at an outdoor gear retailer in NZ, and all of us tried every adjustment, but nothing could change the way the weight sat, simply because it is meant to be distributed up and it is just too long for my back. Wonderful, wonderful pack, though. So, just a caution to the ladies out there looking at this bag. The bag is like a dream, I mean really, but it takes a long torso to fill it properly.