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Alex S.wrote a review of on February 6, 2011

Forum Republic is the absolute worst!
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Granted I bought the previous year ones (2009), however they all have the same flawed side rail system which made with what seems to be a crappy alloy composite.I don't think I rode on them for more than a season when the damn thing snapped on the bottom, making the whole binding wobbly and loose. See the picture on the left. Shortly after it started cracking in different other spots, like in the back and all around. One thing I should mention though, their support is awesome. I wrote to them and showed the pictures and one of their staff hooked me up with a replacement part for the broken binding. It's different color (white) and not exactly the same model, I think it's the year's after - but it worked fine.

I'm definitely done with buying Forum gear though and putting my board for sale. This year, I'm rocking Travis Rice 2011 Banana board with Flux SR-15 (The White Wave) Bindings. If you're considering a better binding, the Flux are the sh*t! Been riding on those for about two weeks now and couldn't be happier.