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Alan M.

Alan M.wrote a review of on July 31, 2008

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What value do you put on sleep? Can't beat it for the night's sleep you get. For the lightweight crazies, I think this thing is worth it's weight when considering that it's only 13 oz heavier than the therm 4 (comparing longs). Obviously sleep is critical for performance, so I'll truck the few extra ounces to sleep thru the night. I backpack hunt (sorry if hunting isn't your thing) and we usually setup shop about 6-7 miles in, and stay for a few days before moving, so I'm not carrying it everyday. I suppose if I could sleep perfectly still on my back and I was packing my pad everyday, I'd probably consider something lighter and smaller, but that's not the case. Every year I second guess myself on going extreme lightweight for my pad, and every year when I hear my buddies whine about their backs, I'm glad I stuck with it. It's the typical weight vs. comfort dilemma, and the trade off here makes this pad a no brainer. I guess the down (no pun intended) side would be, I have trouble waking up in the morning to get to my spot before the sun comes up. I'm 6'1 and went with the long...I guess the only thing better would be having a pillow top mattress flown in....it's that comfortable.