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Angelo G.

Angelo G.

Angelo G.

Angelo G.wrote a review of on February 6, 2010

steeze by surprise!
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So I've been rockin either a-frames or wisdoms as long as I've been snowboarding, but I recently handed down those goggles to other peeps because I finally bit the bullet and placed an order for a set of oakley customized crowbars. Anywhoo, the custom goggles were taking so dang long to assemble because a part was backordered that I went out to the outlet mall one day to score a pair of goggles on the cheap to tide me over till my crows finally came in.

Found the 2010 Ambush Burnt Retina W/Fire Iridium Lens for $40 at a Zumiez! Totally lucky, I guess they were a barely used return or something.

So yeah, I was kind of hesitant to rock a goggle that wasn't oakley's top of the line, but let me tell you, the Ambush is a great goggle if you can find a good deal on it. They were just as clear as my A's and Wisdom's, and oh so steezey. In fact, I was rockin them on a SUPER foggy overcast day and I could actually see better with the fire iridium lens than I expected. Overall a great choice if you can't swing the extra $30 for Crowbars. I say get em!