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Adam K.

Adam K.wrote a review of on December 16, 2008

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I'm in complete agreement with the previous reviewer who said that you need to be on a flat for you to buckle in properly due to the back latch.. other wise it's a difficult angle to strap in when you're on the ground. The latch itself is also difficult to flip up and down which is inconvenient. Also, I bought the correct binding size which corresponds to my boot size but i still need to constantly loosen two out the four mini buckles to get my boot in far enough for the back latch to clamp up which kind of eliminates the convenience I was buying these for. Having said that, once you're in these things feel and ride like a dream.. the pressure point dispersement compared to the typical 2-strap binding is unreal. So all in all I would say buy these for the performance and feel but do not expect a quicker mount/dismount at the top and bottom of the mountain.