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Anthony R.

Anthony R.

Wenatchee, WA

Anthony R.

Anthony R.wrote a review of on April 25, 2016

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What I like: The pack cinches down very well such that it works well for day tours despite being a little on the large volume side for less committing tours. This is in large part due to the reversed buckles so that opposite side straps buckle together. However the 36 liters will carry plenty of necessary gear for more committing tours and multi-day tours with appropriate gear selection. The pack is light and also very durable which is great. I really like the pocket layout of side pockets, expandable rear pocket, and hipbelt pocket for keeping items that I am constantly using ready at hand.

What I do not like: The routing of the hydration hose. Routing for ski packs requires a little more intricate approach to keep the hose from being sliced by the edges when carried in the A-frame position. However, the overly awkward routing of the Pace is rather annoying. If you do not use a bladder then no issue. Other pack manufactures have a better design for hose exiting the pack, such as osprey and gregory.

For sizing, I am 5' 11" at roughly 175 lbs with an athletic build. However, my height is primarily legs with a short torso. My back measurement as it relates to backpack fitting is roughly 17.5" which generally puts me in the small sizing category for gregory packs and medium or small for osprey. The Pace fits well but would fit a little better if two size options were offered such as a M/L and a S/M. Certainly for me a S/M would fit me much better than the fit-all approach.

Other things I would like to see changed: The hipbelt is not removable which runs counter to what is listed on this page. A removable hipbelt would be fantastic for climbing/glacial travel/fast-light summit attempts. Futhermore, a removable lid would also be great for lightening the pack for fast-light approaches.




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Anthony R.

Anthony R.wrote a review of on December 10, 2011

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I bought these with the hope of replacing my old OR Airfoil. Initially the glow in the dark palm was neat until pieces started showing up all over my room, truck, and random places during actual use outside. I figure within another month most of it will be gone... with only a month of ownership to date. The wind resistance is okay at best. Does not even remotely compare to the next-to-skin Gore Windstopper in the old Airfoil's. They are still better gloves after being five years of service and several half-baked patch attempts. I was hoping the grip pattern would also be comparable to the Airfoil. Again it was nowhere near close. The gloves are much bulkier with less dexterity.