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adamwrote a review of on May 23, 2012

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These are great pants for general outdoor use in mild to warm weather. I live in FL and have a hard time finding a good comfortable rugged pants that aren't too hot - these fit the bill perfectly. They fit perfectly and they look good - they have cargo pockets but don't look like cargo pants. Quality of materials and workmanship, like everything I have from Arctery'x, are excellent.

I now own about 3-4 pair of these and they have become my go to active outdoor pant (year round here in FL, would be more for warmer months elsewhere). I only have one gripe - the front pockets suck. They aren't very deep, and the way they are shaped makes stuff fall out of them when seated. I've started putting important stuff like keys into the cargo pockets (or better yet a zipped jacket pocket if you have one on). I still wear them all the time though despite the pocket issue.