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ada3607249wrote a review of on January 16, 2019

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

Fit: I'm 153 lb / 5'8". I've got a Medium jacket. Fit is good in terms of shoulder width, torso length, and arm length (and I have long-ish arms). Fit is snug around the torso, and when I'm really working hard, I feel like it constricts my breathing a little: a bit of elasticity around the midsection would help, although this may say more about my fitness than the jacket's fit (perhaps that's what the side vents are for!). I've got a cyclist's upper body, and the sleeves are a close fit--if I start hitting the gym, they'll be tight. There's enough give that it doesn't pull me into a crouch when I'm off the bike (I've got a different jacket that does), but it definitely fits better on the bike. For just riding along, it fits great.

Temperature range: I've been wearing it with a wool baselayer. It seems to be ideal on a gray 50°F day. In the mid-40s, it takes a while before I feel warmed up; in the upper 50s, I feel quite warm after a few miles and start unzipping.

Weather resistance: So far I haven't ridden through worse than drizzle, which it shrugged off easily. I'm not convinced that it is windproof, but I haven't been able to do side-by-side testing.

Construction: So far seems solid. The cuffs and hem all stay put. The pockets seem high on the back, so they're hard to access. The rain flap sits quite low across my butt, but can be tucked underneath.

Would be nice if: The neck were taller. There were a zippered "napoleon pocket"--I'm surprised there are no zippered pockets on this jacket at all.